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There are five standing committees that are constituted as they are needed:

Membership Committee
This committee promotes new membership and coordinates membership related events.

General Scholarship Committee
This committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the scholarship awards event during Hispanic Heritage month, including the distribution of the scholarship application materials, evaluating scholarship applications, seeking financial support to fund the scholarships and the awards event. 

Human Resources Committee
The purpose of this committee is to identify, publicize and coordinate any incoming job information from potential employers and the requests for job information from individuals seeking employment or advancement.

Cultural Advancement Committee
The purpose of this committee is to create, organize and implement activities and events within the community to reduce discrimination by promoting a greater understanding and acceptance of the wide diversity that comprises the Latino culture, both within the Latino community itself and within the larger community as a whole.

Public Communications Committee
The purpose of this committee is to further the cause of the organization through the accepted media such as to develop, update, and maintain the organization’s website, distribution of press releases, etc. The President of the organization is the official spokesperson of the organization.

Special Committees
Special committees may be appointed by the President at his/her own discretion, except for the Nominating and Election Committees which must be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

In addition to the five standing committees, there are two committees specially constituted to support the election of the Executive Board.

Nominating Committee
The primary purpose of the Nominating Committee is to secure in writing or verbally the willingness of at least two candidates, when possible, to run for election for each office on the Executive Board.


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